The Fair Play Commitment are rules set forth by the Alcorcón City Council for all its Competitions and Sporting Events, so we convey to you the need to keep it very much in mind.


The attitude and habitual behavior of parents is very important so that their children acquire and respect the values ​​and habits that are taught to them. They need to set an example for them by living according to the principles they want to embody in them.

In the scope of KYOKUSHIN, we consider it as a school of life, for this reason it is convenient that parents observe the norms that are exposed below:

  1. Avoid insults, shouting, violent verbal forms towards athletes, referees, teachers, etc.
  2. Respect the decisions of the referees and invite the competitors to do the same.
  3. Encourage competitors to respect all rules of the games or competitions.
  4. Remind such competitors that clean and noble effort is worth as much as victory.
  5. Recognize your own merits, but also those of the opponent.
  6. Do not instill in the competitor the desire for success at all costs, sometimes motivated by the frustrations of parents.
  7. Do not ridicule or belittle the competitor who has been defeated. Nor make him believe that he has lost because of the others.
  8. Accept the limitations of the competitor and not try to console him by giving him a medal that he has not won in the normal development of the competition.


  1. I agree to play and/or compete for the fun of it and not to satisfy my parents and coaches.
  2. Whenever I play or compete I go out to win, but above all I promise to play fair, in accordance with the rules of the competition
  3. I will strive to applaud every good game/competition, be it from my club and/or team or from the opponent.
  4. I accept that a match/competition won with bad manners is a match lost in my honesty.
  5. I value the difficulty of the work of the judge/referee, and I understand that he is also human and can make mistakes, but without him we could not play. Therefore, I will not discuss his decisions.
  6. I understand the difficulty of the coach’s decisions, and that he wants the best for the team, even if my way of seeing things is not his.
  7. I promise to control my character, not to gesticulate
  8. I accept my peers, good or bad, because they have as much right as I do to participate and have fun.
  9. I know that my rivals are not my enemies, but athletes like me, who try to do their best, and I thank them for playing because without them there would be no competition/match either.
  10. I promise to treat all my teammates and opponents the same way I would like to be treated.
  11. I will try to make friends playing my sport, keeping in mind that results happen and friends last.
  12. I admit that sport is about skill, not violence, and I will not forget that the ultimate goal is fun for myself and my teammates.
  13. I understand that there will always be someone who beats me, I will accept it and show that I know how to win without humiliating and lose without looking for blame.
  14. I assume that everything looks very easy from the outside, and I decide to encourage without criticizing.
  15. I will work just as hard for myself and my club or team knowing that this will improve everyone’s performance.



  1. I promise not to force my child to play a sport that they do not want, knowing that children play a sport for their own amusement, not mine. I will not ridicule my child or any other competitor for making mistakes or for him/her losing a competition or match.
  2. Similarly, I accept that competitors participate in organized sports for their own entertainment, and are not there to entertain me or be my miniature «stars.»
  3. I will encourage my child to participate according to the rules, and for my part I will never question the decisions of the referees or their honesty.
  4. I also agree to teach my son/daughter that honest effort is as important as victory so that he/she will accept the outcome of each match or competition without undue disappointment.
  5. I assume that competitors learn by example, so I will applaud the good play of my team and the opponent.
  6. I will support through my behavior all efforts to eliminate physical and verbal abuse from children’s sports. I will not use inappropriate language or harass players, coaches or referees.
  7. I agree to help my child understand the differences between the competitions or games they play and the competitions or games of adults.
  8. I promise to applaud the good play or competition of my son/daughter’s club/team and that of his/her opponent.
  9. I assume to respect the competitors of the opposing club/team, knowing that without them there would be no competition or match.
  10. I condemn the use of violence in all its forms.


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